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Marjory Wajda lived across a street were on her porch and font lawn friends, family and neighbors gathered. Everyone enjoyed the mutual excitement and happiness of the summit and how it affected all the people of Glassboro.

Mr. Downer was a sophomore in high school with the Glassboro high school band at the time they were competing at Virginia Beach but the decision was made to come home early to see the summit. The atmosphere was electric, the summit was a surprise and…

John was with a friend when his father called him to inform him of the summit, Glassboro State needed John Walsh who was working for public relations at the time was given a press pass. John expressed how interesting it was to observe how Glassboro…

Working at a dentist office in Pitman Mrs. Cunningham was able to come see the summit on her extended lunch break.

Mary McCabe shares her memories of the Glassboro Summit, the excitement and how fun it was to be caught in this transformational moment in Glassboro, New Jersey.

Judy Dufford shares the story of her son leaving a toy gun in her purse when some security noticed and took it from them while attending the summit.

Howard F. Plasket recently graduated Glassboro High School and started working at Glassboro State for the summer. During the summit, Howard along with others served meals to the security and staff at Glassboro state.

Ms. Thumlert describes how first meeting between President Jonson and Premier Kosygin two prominent heads after the cold war, and how that meeting has been influential and relevant in her own life.

Harriet Lockwood's mother invited Premier Alexei Kosygin and President Johnson to Darren Turner's first birthday, both participated and attended the summit.

Graduating high school a year before the summit, twelve friends and Mr. Swartz camped out on Whitney Avenue to witness the summit over the weekend. Later as a history teacher, Mr. Swartz could show his students first hand a piece of history.
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