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Located on Whitney Ave in Glassboro, this crowd is standing on the road between 502 Whitney Ave, Glassboro, NJ 08028 and the HollyBush Mansion. In the middle of the crowd is a spectator holding a sign quoting "Glassboro State Loves America". The…

Ms. Jorgensen shares her experiences during the summit, how she went to Ukraine later in life for educational outreach. And the worldly impact this historical event would have and how it has charted her own history.

David and Mary got married while the summit was happening and David was a reporter for the Evening Bulletin. Many of their guests could not make it because of the summit or returned home early. This makes it easy to remember their anniversary and…

In this black and white photo Dr. George Neff and Governor Hughes of New Jersey give president Johnson the ink drawing of Hollybush created by George Neff.
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