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A photo taken of 3 men sitting near a window, overlooking the Glassboro summit. Precise location of this building and photographer is unknown, but is estimated to be near the HollyBush Mansion where the summit was held.

Located on Whitney Ave in Glassboro, this crowd is standing on the road between 502 Whitney Ave, Glassboro, NJ 08028 and the HollyBush Mansion. In the middle of the crowd is a spectator holding a sign quoting "Glassboro State Loves America". The…

This photo taken in a crown, shows a man holding a radio. Precise located of crowd and camera are unknown, estimated to be near the Hollybush Mansion.

A crowd of spectators waiting across the street of the HollyBush Mansion. The camera that took this photograph is looking south east. The crowd is located near coordinates 39.705991, -75.117612, infront of 502 Whitney Ave, Glassboro, NJ 08028

A cheering crowd gathered to witness part of the Glassboro Summit. Precise location of crowd and photographer is unknown, estimated to be near HollyBush Mansion.

Located in front of the Hollybush Mansion, was a photo taken of a man sitting, reading a newspaper. The camera that took photo was taken facing West, aiming at the east side of the Hollybush Mansion. Coordinates of this picture are at or near…

During the summit, there was rain that come through Glassboro, NJ. Causing people waiting outside the HollyBush Mansion to make head coverings with newspapers.
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