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Karen Elkis recalls the excitement of that was buzzing throughout Glassboro and neighboring towns, and along with her friends she attempted to get look at President Johnson and Premier Kosygin

J MacGeorge and her daughter recall what it was like to night before the event, witnessing all the people and news vans coming into the Glassboro State gym. They express how significant this event impacted the little town of Glassboro, and the…

Marilyn Watts recalls the momentous opportunity and excitement surrounding the summit.

Richard expresses his surprise when receiving a call from Glassboro State's President while at an administrative golf tournament, he needed Richard to come back to the college immediately. Richard further recalls how the president chose Glassboro for…

Teresa Calanero recalls the sea of people in front of her while sitting on her Dad's shoulders getting a bird's eye view of the summit.
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