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During the time of the summit, Tom was in the Navy stationed in New Finland, his job was keeping count of Russian Nuclear submarines coming from Russia.
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President Lyndon B. Johnson in June 1967. This film is from the LBJ Library moving picture collection created by the White House Naval Photographic Unit, aka the Navy Films. The films consist of monthly reports on the activities of President and Mrs.…

This document is the Responsibilities of citizens of Glassboro while at Russia.

A paper that describes the discussions that took place during the Summit. It was known as a Memorandum of Conversation. This resource was located by the Rowan University Libraries Digital Scholarship Center staff using The U.S Department of State.…

Teresa Calanero recalls the sea of people in front of her while sitting on her Dad's shoulders getting a bird's eye view of the summit.

This is a telephone conversation between LBJ and DWIGHT EISENHOWER from June 25th, 1967. The conversation consisted of how President Lyndon B. Johnson's conversation with Alexei Kosygin went in Glassboro. This resource was located by the Rowan…
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