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Mary Leslie Brandon recalls memories of her and her sister watching and waving at the presidential helicopters and Russian limousine coming into Glassboro.

Jane Brandt mother wrote on a tattered old envelope "congratulations grandpa," congratulating President Johnson recently becoming a grandfather. Donald Bills took a photograph of President receiving the letter, that was featured in Time magazine.

Teresa Calanero recalls the sea of people in front of her while sitting on her Dad's shoulders getting a bird's eye view of the summit.

Martin Conrad recalls his father George Conrad memories who was a photographer and professor at Glassboro State at the time of the summit.

Lori Gelber Gerstein was the Business Manager for Glassboro State College Summer Theater Company. With one of the few outside phone lines to the college, calls came in from Reuters in London and the New York times looking for a place to stay for the…

Carlton Greve's mother was the director of social services at a Pennsylvania state hospital at the time of the summit, she first learned of the summit from a patient and was initially dismissive, later the summit was confirmed by a coworker and to…

David and Mary got married while the summit was happening and David was a reporter for the Evening Bulletin. Many of their guests could not make it because of the summit or returned home early. This makes it easy to remember their anniversary and…

Kent Johnson took photographs of the summit, he recalls how interesting it was to watch the setup process for the summit.

Mary Cocove Lamey shares her memories of Glassboro State College, the mutual excitement shared in her town of Glassboro, the historical impact it has had on her own life and of Glassboro.

During the time of the summit, Tom was in the Navy stationed in New Finland, his job was keeping count of Russian Nuclear submarines coming from Russia.
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