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Ms. Thumlert describes how first meeting between President Jonson and Premier Kosygin two prominent heads after the cold war, and how that meeting has been influential and relevant in her own life.

Harriet Lockwood's mother invited Premier Alexei Kosygin and President Johnson to Darren Turner's first birthday, both participated and attended the summit.

Graduating high school a year before the summit, twelve friends and Mr. Swartz camped out on Whitney Avenue to witness the summit over the weekend. Later as a history teacher, Mr. Swartz could show his students first hand a piece of history.

Ms. Jorgensen shares her experiences during the summit, how she went to Ukraine later in life for educational outreach. And the worldly impact this historical event would have and how it has charted her own history.

Glassboro citizens were thrilled about the two most important people visiting their hometown, President Johnson, and Premier Kosygin coming to local Glassboro. At the time Ms. Swartz worked in the vice president's office and throughout the summit,…

Mr. Lynch was the principle Highland Regional High School at the time of the Summit, he brought his family to witness the historical event. Mr. Lynch ran into a state police officer who graduated Highland Regional and he was able to secure great…

Gloria Reivich recalls memories of housing a Japanese reporter from Washington. Her husband's role involved with getting the summit set up and the memories of visiting Russia two months post-summit for twenty-one days.

Nick Menna Jr. father, Dr. Nick Menna Sr. was a part of the medical staff at Glassboro State, he with his staff worked in the infirmary. Friday was his day off and did not expect to come to work until the secret service escorted him, throughout the…

During the time of the summit, Tom was in the Navy stationed in New Finland, his job was keeping count of Russian Nuclear submarines coming from Russia.

Mary Cocove Lamey shares her memories of Glassboro State College, the mutual excitement shared in her town of Glassboro, the historical impact it has had on her own life and of Glassboro.
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