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This is President Johnson's daily diary entry for the morning of June 25, 1967. President Johnson left the LBJ Ranch and returned to Glassboro, New Jersey, for the second meeting of the Glassboro Summit Conference with Soviet Chairman Alekseiā€¦

This document is the Responsibilities of citizens of Glassboro while at Russia.

Now! is a Glassboro State College Magazine realized bi-monthly, there is a total of four pages, on the first page of Volume 4, Number 9, titled GSC Pays Tribute to Johnson.

Flyer for a lecture presented Dr. George Neff on Soviet Culture Through the Eye of an Artist. Presented on April 27, 1968 at spring conference in Princeton, N.J., Dr. Neff also discussed his painting gifted to President Johnson.
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This item is the commencement program for the Class of 1968, during commencement President Johnson Addressed the class of 1968.
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